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A message from our CEO on COVID-19.

To our Deep Foods family and customers:

We know the effects of COVID-19 are being felt around the globe and that it’s a time of great uncertainty, but it’s also a time when the work we’re doing especially matters. As a U.S. food manufacturer and distributer, the government has categorized us as an essential business to help meet the surging grocery demand across the nation. We are proud to continue providing our services and to share the actions Deep Foods is taking to protect the health and well-being of our employees and customers as we continue to operate.

Our food-safety-certified plants regularly undergo rigorous sanitization measures. On top of this, we are also implementing an EPA-approved, food-safe solution that disinfects all employee entranceways, lockers, restrooms, and break areas. This solution applies a residual antimicrobial coating on surfaces to provide lasting protection from pathogens. We have also adjusted our standard procedures so that employees are working a safe distance from each other and have staggered operations in between shift changes to reduce employee contact and sanitize all equipment once again.

Our employees have never had to choose between work or their health. We have adjusted our PTO policy to be especially sensitive to those in the higher risk category. It is our priority to ensure those at risk stay home to not only protect themselves, but also those they work around.

Finally, we recognize the commitment it takes to show up to work during this time and want to thank our employees working on the frontlines. Effective immediately, we are extending a 10% increase in pay for all hourly employees that handle product in our plants and warehouses through April 25.

There is no instruction manual for how to feel at a time like this. We know this is stressful, but we want to reassure our Deep Foods family and customers that, in this time of darkness, we all have a light to shine and a role to play to collectively get through this. Let’s light the way, together.

Thank you,

Deepak “Deep” Amin & Family President & CEO, Deep Foods Inc.

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