Our favorite Holiday of the year is FINALLY HERE! Happy Diwali!

Our favorite Holiday of the year is FINALLY HERE! It’s time to get LIT! Literally though! Diwali is the Festival of Lights and is celebrated in India and around the world. It represents light over darkness and all things good vibes!

  • We got BIG, BIG news!

    So remember all those times you were at Walmart and kept thinking, you know what would make this EVEN better?  If Deep Indian Kitchen came to Walmart!

  • Best Frozen Dinner People Food Awards 2021

    "We are honored to be named the Best Frozen Dinner by PEOPLE magazine," said Deepak "Deep" Amin, CEO of Deep Foods Inc, owner of Deep Indian Kitchen. "It's a testament to the dedication and determination of my family and all of our employees to custom-make authentic Indian cuisine so we can share the best of India with America."

  • A message from our CEO on COVID-19.

    We know the effects of COVID-19 are being felt around the globe and that it’s a time of great uncertainty, but it’s also a time when the work we’re doing especially matters.

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