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Always Made From Scratch

Always Made From Scratch

Welcome to Deep Indian Kitchen. And welcome to our Indian family’s ready-to-eat frozen food, including meals, hand-stretched bread, appetizers, and snacks. From our family to a frozen aisle near yours.

We’re on a MISSION to share the best of Indian culture with everyone, and that conversation starts with food. We're proud to share centuries of Indian cooking traditions and our family recipes. And even though making the best Indian food is hard to do authentically, it's worth not cutting corners to us. That means prepping our meals in small batches, freshly grinding whole spices, and simmering sauces for hours - but enjoying a flavorful experience once it's done!

Our Purpose

You probably didn't know this, but the word "Deep" in India means "light" or "enlightenment." That's why every purchase of our products benefits our Deepkiran Foundation. Sadly, many underprivileged children in rural India never get an education, so we help enlighten them by providing the access to school and school supplies that they sorely lack.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”


We got BIG, BIG news!

So remember all those times you were at Walmart and kept thinking, you know what would make this EVEN better?  If Deep Indian Kitchen came to Walmart!


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